Putnam County is one of the most challenged counties in Florida, suffering from high unemployment, stagnant growth, diminishing house-hold income and a stressed school system.

Our current goal is to fund the immediate needs of our district’s Pre-Kindergarten school children and to be an agent of positive change in the delivery of education in Putnam County, Florida.

About Lift Putnam!

Our school leaders and Lift Putnam! have devised a long term plan to permanently improve local education and our community member’s quality of life by investing more in younger children, specifically 4-year-olds from needy families. Our long-term plan is designed to improve student social/emotional wellbeing, school grades, graduation rates, college and career readiness and productivity in work and society in general—with higher levels of education and earnings, less involvement in delinquency and crime, and fewer chronic health problems.

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We need your support!

Please invest in our young children. By donating to Lift Putnam!, you will be providing scholarships for full-day Pre-K education. Fifteen hundred dollars ($1,500) provides one, 4-year-old needy child, with an extra year of school and long term preparation for life!

Won’t you please help? Monthly payments can be made and all donations are tax-deductible.  For more information or to contact us, click here.

Lift Putnam! is a tax-deductible local education foundation organized under Section 501 (C)(3) Internal Revenue Code.
*For those children living more than two miles from school and within the school’s zone.
**Based upon state testing results